Monday, 21 November 2016

Handyman Services: Cowboy Builders for All-Around Property Maintenance

Turn the clock back 50 years, and it’s surprising that a large number of properties and property extensions built during that time, haven’t fallen down. Or perhaps they have. It was the boom time for cowboy builders – and building inspectors who weren’t averse to the odd free package holiday.
Although things have improved to a point, as far as jerry-building is concerned, it is still alive and well. Almost 2.5 million disputes between home owners and incompetent ‘tradesmen’ reached the UK courts in just three years between 2008 and 2011.
Many of these disputes involved what we would call ‘small works’, single storey property extensions and loft conversions. Internal property improvements such as kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom refits, adding additional electrical points and light fittings, and general home redecoration work, have all seen homeowners and property landlords in dispute with builders over shoddy, and in some cases, downright dangerous workmanship.
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Monday, 14 November 2016

Prevention is Better than Cure When it Comes to Property Maintenance

Did you know that most people spend on average over £3,000 per year on the upkeep and decoration of their home’s interior, yet less than £300 on the exterior?

We all want our homes to look presentable. At least, it would seem that inside, we do. We want our homes to be aesthetically pleasing, to be the envy of our neighbours, with all mod-cons in kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. How soul-destroying when, three months after spending hundreds of pounds on new decorations, carpets, and furniture, damp patches begin to appear on ceilings. Or damp begins ruining the new wallpaper. The first big storm of the winter has broken the camel’s back – or at least finally got under that loose tile, split flashing, or penetrated brickwork through that missing mortar.

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